Welcome to my world :)

Hi everyone!

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I’m 27 years old and what I learned in this life – go and do whatever it is you want to do! If you want to be rich, go and do it, if you want to be a traveler, go do it, if you want to say to someone that you love him – go do it. It’s not how much you make in this life, it’s what you do in this life! So when I hesitate about doing something, I always think that maybe 10 years from now I will tell myself, “Maybe I should have done it!” That’s why I don’t fear to be myself, I’m too open-minded sometimes, but that’s the way I live this life. I’m not going to pretend something I’m not. And it’s also a great possibility to get rid of all those people that don’t like me, I have no intention to please everyone, I actually try to surround myself only by those who love me and care about me.

Life is simple and funny when you live it easily  I’m welcoming you to my blog and my world and hope you will like it!


Nina 🙂