As you all know I am in love. During the last week, we had some kind of misunderstanding so I wrote a lot of desperate things here on my blog. We made peace and I accept it wasn’t very fair from my part since he doesn’t deserve this. He loves me, supports me and today I want to tell you good things about him and about us.

Now each time I am angry at him or get too hard on myself, I recall words he wrote about me:

Those amazing parts are still there. Those sparkling eyes and sexy accent that always reminded me of a Bond girl. The brilliance and diversity of her interests that constantly blew my mind. She could jump from telling me about poetry and Italian love songs right over to 38 special songs. Those little struggles that a single mother faces that she sees as a failure and I see as just a step in her journey to greatness.

I can never forget the mixture or passion, intelligence or even the stubbornness that she brings to my life.

There is another thing he wrote, even more amazing:

At first it was just a few interesting messages, but I found myself stuck on the conversation. She was the most interesting woman I had met in a long time. In my world filled with work, dreams and a multitude of events it’s rare that I find myself stuck on a conversation. That a personality shines so bright I find myself not just wanting to know more, but eagerly waiting for tomorrow to come so I can talk to her again. I even found true disappointment when she didn’t respond to my message.

What made it really strange for me was she wasn’t interested so I had to work to get her attention and work even harder to keep it. I know courtship is important, but I have never found myself pondering creative ways to get a woman to say hi before.

In case you are wondering the one thing I realized through this is that every now and then you find one woman that is worth the effort. Even scarier is when you realize that throughout the courtship process you developed an emotional attachment. It’s the minute you realize that you have this emotional attachment everything changes. In your eyes a beautiful woman becomes gorgeous. Actually that beautiful woman becomes the only woman. That’s what happened when Nina came along.

I originally told myself that she was just an interesting woman whose messages were like Christmas gifts. That’s what happened to me. Like a kid on Christmas morning I wake up and immediately check for her message with that same kind of excitement. Like everything in life the emotional attachment evolved. Literally in my dreams I saw myself sharing all those special moments I witness and kept deep in my heart with Nina. She literally became my dream girl and every secret heart felt moment I had been following and collecting for so long were shared with her. Some people talk about finding their best friend, a true companion, equal partner, lover and soulmate in one truly amazing person. For me it was just fiction until along came Nina.

So I love him. If I bring passion and stubborness to his life, he brings love and magic to mine.

Love you darling ❤


Nina 🙂


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