Getting ready for tomorrow


Tomorrow there’s a celebration of the New Year at my son’s daycare. It’s so thrilling because it’s the first one where parents are allowed to come. It’s not me who will be there but my son’s father, but anyway I worry a lot.

The room where everything will be held isn’t that big so only one parent can come. I asked my son should it be me or his father and he chose his father. I am not offended, I know my son sees me at the daycare a lot and wants everybody to see his father too – and to show him how he can dance, sing and tell poems.

So I had to organize everything. I made sure my ex-husband would come, made sure he would take a camera… My son’s shirt and costume are ready for tomorrow, the poem is learned and everything seems to be good.

But anyway I worry so much that something may go wrong! Well, I guess all mothers do worry in such situations though 🙂

Love my little one so much 🙂


Nina 🙂


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