New habits


Yesterday I made steaks for the supper. They were great but I still feel uncomfortable and realize that my taste changed. I don’t want to eat fatty food anymore. I hate this after taste and even opened all my windows to get rid of the smell that still lingers in the kitchen.

I want boiled chicken and grilled fish, vegetables, lots of fruits and some sweet light desserts, good coffee with milk and that’s really enough for me now.

Besides today I asked myself – why is it that I think I should choose just one path when I can combine all my talents and capitalize on all of them? Nothing prevents me from being a good interpreter and still give lessons to kids and adults, groom dogs and take them to shows and work as a SEO copywriter from home. It gives me more sources of income and it’s great, isn’t it? I am using all of them now and decided I won’t abandon any of them.

My mood is so great today! It’s spring here, everything gets green and I love this life tons! 🙂

Have a great day!


Nina 🙂


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