My first comment :)

I’ve been thinking of a blog for a while. Just seems like it’s time when I have something to say. Now I am a 26 years old woman with a 4 years old son and a boyfriend that actually lives 8000 km away from me. I also have two dogs and a cat so if you ever read about Kiara, Jessie or Nafanya, you know who I am talking about🙂

My life is quite simple – I raise my son, work as an interpreter and copywriter, take care of my house and pets, spend all my days and all my nights talking with Dwayne and trying to still remain beautiful, charming and sexy since I am a woman first of all and not just a babysitter, cook, employee or whatever.

Dwayne said in social media I should look like a standard happy housewife if I want everyone to like me. I’ve been pondering it and… and decided to create a NOT a standard happy housewife blog. It will be a blog about me being me, not being a happy housewife or anything else. I don’t want to limit myself and confine myself to the term “standard happy housewife” even if it may be the role I play a few hours a day.

I spend a lot of time dreaming – or better planning my life. Since my divorce, I have been struggling a lot. It’s not really easy to be a single mom and maintain your little family yet trying not just to survive but to forge ahead.

In 2013 I got graduated from university and it was a big success to me because I just divorced, had a 1-year-old child on me and still had to write a diploma work and pass exams. And I got to do it.

After then I’ve been plunged into everyday routine and work. I’m interpreter so I really love my work. Besides, since childhood, I have loved animals and have, by now, become a good groomer and handler not just for my own dogs but a demanded specialist in this domain.

Now I want to get out of this kind of anabiosis. Maybe some people would say I do a lot but I know I can do more. Much more. In every sphere of my life, I can be better.

So now I have planned things to make myself and my life better. Of course, I have a lot to do, but the most important things in the list are:

  • stop neglecting the gym (usually I go there each day but sometimes I get lost in routine and don’t go);
  • restart horseback jumping (I did it when I was a teen, now I barely ride and it’s sad because it’s one of the biggest pleasures in my life);
  • go to belly dance lessons (I have a big experience in belly dance and think that I dance very well, but I guess it’s time to learn something new or maybe become a professional dancer and take part in contests);
  • go to school;
  • finally, learn Arabic (yes I speak English, French, Portuguese, Italian and Russian as it’s my native language but I started learning Arabic and I guess don’t give it enough time and efforts);
  • make myself work more and spend less time on unimportant things like wandering on the internet;
  • write a book (not a fiction one) – I have been pondering it for a while and I guess I need to write a book for women that don’t feel strong enough to change their life. I have this idea after my divorce and I am sure I have a lot to say to women that don’t dare change their lives to cheer them up. I think I will work on it for a few more years but I need to actually start working on it.

If anyone wants to join me in my so to say trip, I will be happy🙂 I will share my thoughts and everyday life here.