Genealogical tree and chess

I just finished making a genealogical tree of my family – uffff 5 hours in doggy style is something! But the result is so great!

But I am not going to sleep although it’s 2:30 am. Nope. I am going to try to learn how to play chess. No, it’s not insomnia or nothing else to do. It’s my ex-husband and my son bringing here chess and telling me “Elisey liked playing chess, play with him”. (You could do it yourself then, – I said. I don’t know how to, – he answered! 😦 )

First I thought they talked about checkers (I used to play it when I was a kid). But when I opened it and… and realized I was in a trap! Oh my gosh the last time I felt so helpless was on the exam on higher mathematics. Although no, on that exam I could at least use my charm and now I have to learn to actually play it. Well at least play good enough until I can find some place in my city where my son could play chess.

Who said being a mother doesn’t make you learn new things? Oh, it does so!

So I got a new challenge 🙂


Nina 🙂


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