Today is my birthday – I am getting 27 years old (oh my gosh!) – and I want to talk about luck. Well, I think we all are lucky in many ways. Even if things go bad, even if you are depressed, even if you are overwhelmed – you are alive and you always have options as long as you breathe. And yes I think I am a pretty much lucky woman – I have my little family, I have a man that I love and that loves me and takes care of me, I have a good profession and possibility to work from home, I have a place to live, I am healthy and which is much more important, so is my son.

But all the same, we often think we could be luckier. So why is it that we don’t get what we want? And I found the answer. It’s readiness.

What is luck? To me, it’s when your readiness to have something in your life meets a possibility to get it in your life. So you certainly need readiness for the good luck to accompany you.

It can be explained easily. When you think of something your mind starts searching for it in your reality. If you think of red cars, you will notice lots of them wherever you go. If you think that men are assholes, your brain will make you concentrate only on situations that affirm your opinion. And if you really want to eat or drink, you will actually find possibilities to do it no matter what. It’s readiness. You are ready to receive a certain kind of information, you are ready to do certain actions and your reality provides you with the possibilities to do it.

The same way people that want to suffer attract to themselves possibilities to do it through finding toxic relationships, having bad relationships with people, problems with work, etc.

The thing is you get exactly what you are ready to get. Your whole life is a result of what you were ready to get, what you thought you deserved. And all of us have a complex of readinesses. When we realize what are they we start living more intentionally.

So to build or improve your luck you need to understand what kind of possibilities do you want to find in your life. And realize that all limitations are only in your thoughts.


Nina 🙂


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