They say that everyone has two lives – and the second one begins when we realize we only live once. I have already written that today we have a possibility to live 2, 3 or more lives during the 60-70-80 or more years that we have. But this also makes us waste our time – sometimes until it’s too late to change something.

Now I will turn 27 years old in one week. It’s a lot. Of course, I did some things during those 27 years – I became a mother, I passed 6 years in university, I have a good work experience, I was married, I learned 4 foreign languages, I traveled… But anyway I feel like I have wasted a lot of my time on unimportant things and haven’t done what’s really important.

I catch myself on thinking that the perfect Nina lives somewhere in my mind, but I just don’t let her become real. I guess we all don’t dare us perfect happen and it makes us live in dreams hoping that tomorrow something will change but it doesn’t. I might be better than others in some ways but I am not the best version of myself – and there is no real reason why I am not. It’s just me being lazy and hoping that tomorrow everything will get fixed itself.

But as Jack Canfield says, “nothing will change to the better until YOU do”. And he is so much right!

I know that if one gets better on 1% each day it will make him 90% better in just 3 months. But we all often postpone things and postpone our happiness until it’s too late. Or we think that if we wait a little bit longer, then we will do everything at once by just a bigger effort and it never works. Just like with my diet. If I was losing 1 kg each month I would have already reached my perfect weight. Instead of that I always think “Okay I will eat this cake right now but then lose 10 kg in one month”. It never works. And I still have my 10 kg that I need to lose to get my perfect weight.

We all have just one life. And so very little of active life, I mean years when we really can enjoy our life. I think we all live our lives as if we had 20 more lives to live. Like if it was the first draft. But the reality is we will die and we should try to be as happy as we can RIGHT NOW and do as much as we can RIGHT NOW.

Dreaming is great, but there must be actions too. So I decided that I won’t settle for dreams instead of making them my reality. I am taking all the responsibility for my life. I can live up until I’m 70 yrs old and then tell myself “well it didn’t work” and find excuses… but it’s bullshit.

I am not going to bury my dreams with me one day. I am going to make them happen 🙂




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