We all are so lucky

Every time when I want to complain about the diet because of which I can’t afford myself sushi or sweet at night, when I feel sorry because I can’t find a right dress or when I feel lonely and have pity on myself, I think of this lurid picture… And I realize that actually, I MUST be happy with what I have and how lucky I actually am to have it.

Just think about it – the quality of life today that EVERYONE of us has is even higher than the quality of kings’ lives a few centuries ago! We have enough of food (too much I would say), we have medicine, we don’t really suffer from anything!

And I feel so much sorry that I can’t do a lot to help all people on Earth to live a happy normal life. These thoughts torture me sometimes. We are so spoilt and sometimes we don’t notice just how lucky we are for what we have and how much other people may need our help.

When my son was born, I was covered by fear – a fear of wars, of natural disasters, of everything that could harm my baby. And I cried all the time thinking about those babies that were abandoned by their parents and stay all alone in their beds while mine had me. It’s then that I started helping a little bit an Orphanage in my city. That’s one of the most important missions that I want to pursue in my life – to help those little ones as much as I can.





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